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Software that's free?.... Yes that's right, FREE.

All the following are freely downloadable or are free versions of commercially available programs (links to downloads are underlined):


  • Ccleaner - Clear out the rubbish, housekeeping for PCs.
  • Panda - Anti virus solution (works alongside Windows Defender)
  • eM Client - Email alternative to Outlook etc. (free for 2 accounts)
  • Google Chrome - Alternative browser to Internet Explorer or Edge
  • OnlyOffice - Alternative to Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
  • PureSync - Your data is important so back it up!
  • Google Drive - Cloud based backup (up to 15GB storage free!)
  • VLC media Player - Simple, fast and powerful media player. Plays DVDs, files and streams
  • Google Earth - Satellite imagery of our planet. Educational and it's also useful.
  • Artweaver - Paint creatively with the help of a huge range of painting tools.
  • Audacity - Audio recording and editing software.


  • Download Time Calculator - Ever wondered just how long it's going to take to download that 150GB game you want? (Web based interactive software, so no actual download required)


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